Care Services

At Sunnycroft we believe that all of our residents should be treated as individuals, deserving the best possible care and respect.

We do everything we can to promote independence and dignity and we welcome visitors at any time of the day.

Residential Care

Anyone coming to stay at Sunnycroft on a long term permanent basis is encouraged to treat this as their own home.

We invite you to personalise your room with your belongings and our handyman is always willing to put up any pictures for you.

Televisions and radios are always welcome and we are happy for you to have a telephone line installed if required. Alternatively, the home phone is available to make and receive calls.

Your visitors are always welcome to come in to the home or indeed to take you out for the day should you wish.

There are many activities on offer throughout the day and we always welcome new ideas.

Our care staff are available to tend to all of your care needs throughout the day and night and there are nurse call points available in all rooms.

We have visiting hairdressing and chiropody services coming in to the home which you are welcome to use, as well as visiting dentists and opticians.

At Sunnycroft we assist you to maintain as much independence as possible in a safe but fun environment.

Respite Care

All of the bedrooms at Sunnycroft are available for either short term or long term use, whether you just need to stay for two days or two months.

Our care staff are fully trained to be able to assist you where needed and a full activities programme is on offer for you to join in with or sit back and enjoy the atmosphere. We have two excellent cooks who can cater for different nutritional needs and different choices of meals are available every day.

Your friends and family are welcome to visit at any time and to join in with the homes activities should they wish to.

Day Care

You don't have to live at Sunnycroft to enjoy our care.

We also offer an exclusive and affordable daycare service for people who are independent enough to live alone, but want some fun and company during the day.

The service may also be appreciated by carers who need a regular break from their loved one.

How does it work?

Daycare sessions include morning and afternoon activities, lunch and refreshments. Places are limited to two on every day of the week. Daycare clients join permanent residents throughout the day.

The daycare session runs from 10.00am until 4.00pm, but arrival and departure times can be flexible to meet the needs of the individual.

No long term commitment is required, and sessions can be arranged at short notice.

Please ask for your free trial visit.

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